Group Activities

Boasting a breathtaking setting deep in the Panama rainforest, Gamboa Rainforest Resort specializes in fun, exciting and unique teambuilding workshops. Designed to strengthen professional relationships through improved communication and shared experiences, our teambuilding activities create an atmosphere where differing personalities and work styles aren’t barriers, but assets.

We offer the appropriate indoor and outdoor venues and materials for groups of all sizes at all levels of your organization. Our team building programs and exercises, together with support from our professional facilitators, will challenge and inspire your group in a fun, relaxed setting.


Your group will be divided into “tribes” that perform four jungle challenges in a challenging but fun quest for supremacy. Teamwork and organization are key, with the most united tribe taking home the ultimate prize.

Rainforest Rally

This activity was developed to boost teamwork and emphasize environmental consciousness through a variety of safe and fun activities. The Rally features ten different “challenge stations,” each staffed by a facilitator or guide. The team finishing all ten stations first will take home the title of “King of the Rainforest.”

Fishing New Ideas

A fun, unique and exciting teambuilding event, our Gamboa Fishing Tournament combines the thrill of sport fishing with a little friendly competition.

Fishing boats depart from our Marina, and the competition takes place on the Panama Canal’s Gatun Lake. Awards are given to the angler or team with the heaviest fish, the longest fish, the heaviest total catch, and the most variety of fish reeled in.