Tours & Activities

Gamboa Rainforest Resort has been designed for you to do as much or as little as you like as you explore the many treasures of Panama and Soberania National Park.

Glide through the jungle on our Aerial Tram and see the rainforest as monkeys and exotic birds do. Take a cruise out to Gatun Lake and explore its lush tropical forest and see large ships making their way through the Panama Canal. Join a bird-watching excursion, set out on the Panama Canal for some of the best freshwater fishing in Panama, paddle a kayak up the Historical Chagres river or experience the mysterious wonders of a night safari adventure.

The Aerial Tram will remain closed for maintenance from May 20th through 30th, 2015.

Aerial Tram Tour

See the forest from a breathtaking perspective, while sitting comfortably in our Swiss-engineered aerial tram system. Gliding smoothly through the treetops, you will experience the sounds and peace of the tropical rainforest firsthand.

One of Gamboa’s tour guides will accompany you to describe the flora and fauna. The 1.2-kilometer ride culminates at a hilltop where you have the opportunity to visit the Observation Tower. After walking up the spiral ramp, you will discover a panoramic view of the:

  • Chagres River
  • Panama Canal
  • Embera Indigenous Village
  • Town of Gamboa

Recommendations: comfortable clothes, binoculars, water.

Departure times: from Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Weekdays / Weekends and Holidays

  • 9:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • 1:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Duration: 2 hours including the Ecological Exhibition.

Aerial Tram with Ecological Exhibitions $50.00 + Tax p/p
Aerial Tram only $40.00 + Tax p/p

(Ask for our special 07:30 a.m. departure.)

The Aerial Tram will be closed for maintenance from May 20th through 30th, 2015.

Gatun Lake Expedition

Take a boat tour through the Panama Canal into secret waterways to find hidden islands where Capuchin and Howler Monkeys can be seen leaping in the trees above. Occasionally, they become curious and venture down to take a closer look at visitors.

This tour provides a unique opportunity for viewing wild animal in their natural habitat. Some animals you might spot on this tour include: Two and Three-toed Sloths, Crocodiles, monkeys and turtles that are native to Gatun Lake.

The boat ride to and from the island passes through the Panama Canal, giving you the chance to spot huge container ships that come from all over the world.

Recommendations: comfortable clothing, sunscreen.

Departure times:

Weekdays / Weekends and Holidays

  • 8:45 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.
  • 1:15 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

(Ask for our special 07:30 a.m. departure)

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $35.00 + Tax p/p

Guided Bird-Watching in Pipeline Road

Panama is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse natural regions anywhere in the world. It forms both a land bridge for many species and a bio-geographical barrier to others. The abundance of protected tropical rainforest provides a rich habitat for many components of the avifauna of North and South America. A veritable "Birders Heaven", Panama offers some of the best bird watching in the world and is home to nearly 1,000 species of birds in a small area of just 72,000 square kilometers; smaller than South Carolina.

This is the perfect introduction to South and Central American birding. This beautiful and very accessible country offers a great diversity of neo-tropical bird species; many very difficult to find elsewhere. One of our expert bird watching guides will help you to find and identify hundreds of birds and bird's songs of the area.

To learn more about our birding tours and special birding packages, please contact us at or visit our website

Guided Fishing at the Panama Canal

Even the most seasoned fishermen are always impressed by the abundance and variety of fish in Gatun Lake at the Panama Canal. This lake is home to species such as peacock bass, tarpon, snook, and many others.

One of our Gamboa fishing guides will take you and your party on a private guided tour to the best fishing spots.

Surrounded by the peace and tranquility of lush tropical forests, this is a great tour for friends, families, or individuals to enjoy the bounties of nature that Lake Gatun Panama offers.

Recommendations: comfortable clothes.

Departure times: From 6:45 a.m. through 1:30 p.m. for the last 3-hour trip departure.


    3 hours $250.00 + Tax (Up to 2 people) Additional person $50.00
    6 hours $350.00 + Tax (Up to 2 people) Additional person $50.00

Chagres River Boat Tour

If you are short on time, the Chagres river tour is the perfect option. Your tour boat will glide smoothly through the water as you observe the lush surrounding rainforest. You might get the chance to see a sleepy sloth in a tree, or a colorful bird peacefully living in the jungle.

Duration: 40 minutes

Recommendations: comfortable clothes

Price: $15.00 + Tax p/p

Night Safari Boat

If you have ever asked yourself what goes on in the jungle when you sleep then this tour is for you. Ideal for lovers of nighttime adventure and mystery, this safari takes you in search of the plant and animal life on the Chagres River. Possible sightings include caiman, Fishing bats, capybara, and two-toed sloth.

Duration: 1 hour

Recommendations: comfortable clothing, repellent and flashlight

Departure times: 7:00 p.m. (under reservation)

Price: $25.00 + Tax p/p


This trail is perfect for your morning stroll. Breathing the pure air and delighting in the peace and tranquility, you will truly become one with nature.

The best time to explore La Chunga trail is in the morning or late afternoon. The 30-minute guided tour takes you to the shore of the beautiful Chagres River. There, we will take a boat for the 30-minute return, offering you the opportunity to explore and discover the rainforest by land and water.

Duration: 1 hour

Recommendations: comfortable clothing (long pants and tennis shoes), water

Price: $25.00 + Tax p/p
Minimum 2 people

Kayaking the Panama Canal

No trip to Panama is complete until you’ve experienced magnificence of the Panama Canal. Paddle your kayak across the waters of Gatun Lake, the main water reservoir of one of the world’s most spectacular engineering wonders.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Recommendations: light and comfortable clothing and visor

Price: $50.00 + Tax p/p
Minimum 4 people

Other Guest Activities

  • Nature Walks in the Rainforest
  • Kayaking on the Chagres River
  • Nature Exhibitions including orchids and butterflies.
  • Exotic Frog Farm - home to hundreds of frogs native to the American tropics.
  • Table Games
  • Night Bus to Explore the Rainforest
  • Miraflores Locks
  • Embera Indigenous Village
  • Gatun Lake Wildlife Tours
  • Freshwater Fishing at the Canal for Peacock Bass and Tarpon
  • Panama Canal Transit
  • Panama Canal Railway Tour
  • Portobello Historical Tour
  • Panama City and Shopping Tours

For more information on tours or to make a reservation please contact us at: