Fresh Seasonal Cuisine
Fresh Seasonal Cuisine


At Gamboa Rainforest Reserve, we provide you with a dining experience that is inspired by our breathtaking natural surroundings. Each of our restaurants merge relaxed ambiance with an infusion of local flair. Join us at our table, where marvelous river, rainforest and garden views complement fresh, seasonal cuisine.

El Corotú

Located in the main building, Corotú serves authentic local specialties highlighted by Ceviche Corotú and Plantain Corvina.

Don Caimán

Don Caimán is located by the Marina with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Chagres River.

Monkey Bar

Situated in the lobby and directly above El Corotú, , Monkey Bar is the perfect place to meet for cocktails, appetizers and live music. The view of the Chagres River offers a breathtaking addition to your dining experience.

Pool in Las Cascadas Pool Bar at Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Las Cascadas Pool Bar

Just steps from our tropical pool, Cascadas provides a shady retreat for enjoying a wide selection of drinks, snacks and cocktails.